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Cartonnages OTICR
76 avenue Normandie Niemen
Z.I. des Echarmasses
01200 Châtillon en Michaille

TEL + 33 (0)4 50 56 64 04
FAX + 33 (0)4 50 56 03 72

OTICR - Sublimation

The sublimation

Decoration of materials or objects by heat penetration of dyes formerly printed on a paper base.

For 30 years OTI-CR has worked to let know this process and adapt it to new industrial applications.

Originally developed for synthetic fabrics this process has been progressively extended to many other application fields, on pieces made of extruded or injected PES and PU plastics.




This particular engineering will be exposed to you and our partners introduced in order to meet all specific requirements and to look into its feasibility whatever the plan.

In partnership with the Company PACIFIC COLOUR, OTI-CR offers "3D" decoration solutions on various products, in several dimensions and shapes.

Patents protect these innovations but we are at your disposal to talk of your development ideas with our partner.

Examples of decorated objects