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Cartonnages OTICR
76 avenue Normandie Niemen
Z.I. des Echarmasses
01200 Châtillon en Michaille

TEL + 33 (0)4 50 56 64 04
FAX + 33 (0)4 50 56 03 72

OTICR - Engineering

OTICR is equipped with complete autonomy to make all packaging project from ideas, plans or files and to offer its customers a prototype box, POS etc.. white or printed on the scale

3D design

• Our design software allows us to develop an appropriate package for your products. We can send you a 3D PDF, so you can see and turn your 3D prototype on your screen. This gives us a high reactivity and understanding between our two parties during the development of complex projects.

• Connected with our machines, the software allows us to realize the imprications for offset printing and cutting tools.

3D video

• We can also send you by email a 3D video to understand the assembly of the box, very useful for evaluating the technical feasibility of your lines of automatic or manual packaging and give us your preferences for the design of complex projects.



• We have a cutting table to design our models as well as a large format digital printer (4 colors + Coater). Both machines allow us to offer a prototype (Model) in white or in color on the cardboard used in industrial production later. (all kinds of coated cardboard, corrugated etc..). This allows our customers to test our packaging with their products but also their visual with their employees.

• We also offer small series, from 1 to 200. These small series have an economic interest since it does not require cutting tools, or offset plates.