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Cartonnages OTICR
76 avenue Normandie Niemen
Z.I. des Echarmasses
01200 Châtillon en Michaille

TEL + 33 (0)4 50 56 64 04
FAX + 33 (0)4 50 56 03 72

OTICR - Pre Press (DTP & cutting tools)

OTICR has its own pre-press services to be completely independent for any manufacturing or packaging printing.

DTP workshop

• 3 MAC station.

• An automatic imposition station.

• A direct connection with our offset press for pre-inking.


• A numerical printer SHERPA width 1020 mm for printing of colour test proof, imposing scale 1, with visible cutting outlines.

• Printing of colour numerical cromalin trimmed in high definition according to running on our offset machines.


• We now have an automated AGFA CTP with Azura chemistry-free plates, and special UV plates.



Workshop cutting tools

• A complete workshop manufacturing cutting tools.

• Sawing wood from drawing on cutting and ejection boards.


Automatic bender

• To improve the accuracy of its cutting tools and production capacity, OTICR has acquired an automatic bender. OTICR keeps its expertise and its well-known reactivity.

Finalization cutting tools

• Finalization workshop cutting tools and assembly.